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타입: 신화
DLC: Blackwood
스타일: 유니크

습득 가능 아이템:

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item Shapeshifter’s Chain. Location of the 5 pieces:
• Glendumbra – Length of Sharpened Lead – Spindleclutch 2 Dungeon last boss
• Blackwood – Reinforced Clasp Lead – Public Dungeon Silent Hall, Wootwhisperer Boss, Vor’Chul The Beastbreaker Boss
• Vaults of Madness – Chain of the Bone Goliath Lead – Vaults of Madness Dungeon last boss
• Western Skyrim & The Reach – Chain of the Vampire Lead – Harrowstorms in The Reach & Western Skyrim
• Unknown – Chain of the Werewolf Lead – Unknown