Mora’s Whispers

1 item: Gain up to 1528 Critical Chance and 10% increased Inspiration, Alliance Rank, Alliance skill, and 15% monster kill experience based off how many books of Shalidor’s Library have been collected.

Type: Mythic
Location: High Isle and Amenos
Requires DLC: High Isle

Obtainable items:
Light Armor

You need 5 items to be able to create the Mythic item. Location of the 5 pieces:
• Bloodshot Oculus – any Watcher monster (confirmed drops in Atoll of Immolation (Deadlands Portal) and the Cauldron dungeon))
• Lurker-skin Sheath – Treasure Chests inside the Vile Manse Public Dungeon in Reaper’s March
• Sclerotic Tentacle – Watchlings inside Oblivion Portals (inside Atoll of Immolation) in the the Deadlands zone.
• Seeker-sinew Thread – Clothing Nodes (Torn Cloth) in the Deadlands zone
• Twitching Eyeball – Watcher Boss in Imperial City Prison Dungeon (The Gravelight Sentry)